Das Ende einer schönen Romanze by Daniel Theiler

Das Ende einer schönen Romanze by Daniel Theiler

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The site-specific artwork and video relate to the ramp in the concrete hall of the cultural quarter Silent Green in Berlin. The video consists of home video footage from 1992 showing the artist and his brother riding down a ramp in self-made soap boxes. One of the soap boxes, which the artist designed with great effort, breaks down. In the children’s reactions, disappointment, malicious joy and tragedy mix. At the same time, the breaking down of the soap box hints at the future development of the relationship between the two brothers. The soapbox is reconstructed in the video as a virtual 3D object and in the exhibition space as a physical yet abstract model. The work oscillates between memory, forgetting, loss, nostalgia, and conservation.

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1-Channel Video Installation, HD / 03:45 min / 2019

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