Dancing to evade identification II by Iria Vrettou

Dancing to evade identification II by Iria Vrettou

This project investigates the different metaphors and philosophies of metamorphosis, compost-ecology, and hybridity through the lens of traditional hand-drawn animation, performance choreography and 3D realities. The technical processes reflect the conceptual understandings of metamorphosis towards a spatiotemporal experience. Life can only exist through the multiplicity of form; you are never just one singular form of life. Life must pass through many different forms. In order to give life, you need to succumb metamorphosis. Transformation is not an isolated process, thus to evolve or rather transform one requires mingling with other organisms. If we consider our life cycles as an activity of symbiosis with every other element surrounding us then we can easily visualize it as a choreographed ritual.

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HD Video / 01:56 min / 2019

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