Chronica by Sophie Hoyle

Chronica by Sophie Hoyle

‘Chronica’ was a live performance at Jerwood Space 13th September 2018, as part of the Jerwood Staging Series. ‘Chronica’ explores embodied experiences of illness, encounters with healthcare infrastructures and biomedical technologies. Video projections were controlled by biofeedback equipment (Bitalino board with Galvanic Skin Response and Electrocardiogram) worn by a performer, while musician Swan Meat performed a live set in response to the videos.

The exact selection and order of the video clips in the live performance was determined by the data generated by the performer’s body while undertaking anxiety-reduction and trauma-release exercises. Upon reaching certain data thresholds, this triggered certain video clips to be played.

This video version of ‘Chronica’ is a collection of the clips that were available to be projected during the performance, combined with a recording of the live set. In collaboration with musician Swan Meat (Reba Fay), it connects a history of medical imagery used in music subcultures with genres such as EBM (Electronic Body Music) and Industrial, and looks at the potential of noise music to evoke embodied experiences of trauma and its medical treatment.

Content Warning: Contains images of blood and medical equipment

Photograph by Hydar Dewachi

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HD Video / 24:55 min / 2018

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