Bufo Bufo (aeons below) by Sofia Albina Novikoff Unger

Bufo Bufo (aeons below) by Sofia Albina Novikoff Unger

Set in a no-space land, the toad, a mythological creature of endless age, is a post-gender proxy inhabiting the present in a digital sphere which resembles itself endlessly. The narrative opens up a culmination of parallel events and issues like the techno-humans wish to extend life and ‘the animal’ in nature. By queering symbols through digitalisation and CGI to touch upon notions of the space of the in-between, power structures and ecological cycles, the fictive world created with phantasm pushes into the absurd to better understand the limits of “the free world”. As CGI resembles itself, is it necessary to repeat the cultural signifiers of the physical world in it or can new ideas be created and activated in this ‘other world’ by being seduced by both the sinister and comical aspect of it?

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HD Video / 06:20 min / 2018

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