Bad Gyal’s Talk by Clara Verdier

Bad Gyal’s Talk by Clara Verdier

The Bad Gyal’s talk project attempts to shake up the norms imposed by the Elite White Men on Black and Brown communities, especially women, by re-appropriating media codes and conventions. For her project, Clara has video interviewed, photographed and selected powerful quotes. She has collaborated, exclusively with British Muslim women of South Asian descent as well as British and French Black women of African and Caribbean heritage in the hope of emphasising their voices but also to provide an objective record of their stories. Clara was inspired by the ‘GIRL TALK’ YouTube videos concept. We talk between women or girls in a safe space about any particular subjects, from make-up, relationship problems and hair tutorials, to identity, and socio-political concerns and more.

Bad Gyal’s talk reflects on Black and Brown women’s experience in the context of colonial stereotypes, dominant European legacy as well as institutional oppression, and finally resilience and pride. Unfortunately, in our modern societies, people of African descent are still facing race-related violence, discriminatory police profiling as well as discrimination in the search for jobs and housing and exclusion. Furthermore, during the last few years, Islamophobia in Europe has awfully increased and Islam is the new target in the European political agenda. Most recently, the French Senate voted a law to ban a mother who wore Islamic headscarves from her accompanying children on school journeys. In Austria, Muslim girls under 14 are no longer allowed to wear Hijabs to school. The Bad Gyal’s talk project has been created as a response to race-related violence, Islamophobia and toxic propaganda. Solidarity is Justice.

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HD Video / 32:47 min / 2019

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