Autrement on devient fou by Markus Oberndorfer

Autrement on devient fou by Markus Oberndorfer

“When I see them crumble, it is as if my bad memories of Cap Ferret crumble with them.“ (cf. Henri Lavrillat)

“Autrement on devient fou….. ” is part of an extensive art project about the disappearance and appropriation of the Atlantic Wall fortifications on Cap Ferret. Interview and book (2014) are directly related to a comprehensive photo-series called „Foukauld – Disappearance“ (2005-2012), a performance and installation on site with the title „Se Souvenir“ (2013), a photofilm called „Omega Point“ (2008), numerous essays by himself and guest-authors, and so on. The project spans over a period of 9 years.

In the interview Henri Lavrillat recalls his compulsory work service on Cap Ferret, how they built the fortifications, the harsh working conditions and in general his time during the Second World War. He also reflects on Oberndorfers book „Foukauld – Disappearance“, that has been the crucial reason for Henri Lavrillat to contact him with the concern of sharing his memories, and builds bridges between the past and the present, memory and imagination. All of which are an important topics in this work.

In the course of the project Oberndorfer worked in close exchange with Wolf Langewitz, Lydia Nsiah and (unfortunately deceased) historian Inge Marszolek, former professor at the Institute for Cultural Sciences of the University of Bremen and with a research and teaching focus on history and memory in the 20th century, media-history, visual history and everyday history. The project has been published in two books that also features essays by those named above and shown in several exhibitions and lecture presentations. Among others in collaboration with Institute Français and Austrian Cultural Forum.

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