atlantis by Pieter Geenen

“atlantis” shows a nocturnal landscape being scanned by a lightbeam. The searchlight of a boat on the Chinese Yangtze river explores the banks of the Three Gorges Reservoir, which came into existence due to the construction of the controversial Three Gorges Dam. Just before it would flood up to its final level of 175m this lightbeam reveals what soon is going to disappear below water level. Referring to the concentrated lightbeams in typical images of underwater discoveries and explorations, this video seems to explore a sunken universe, a land of which people seem to have left, with demolished and abandoned buildings, desolate forests and ghost ships.

artwork info

miniDV / colour / stereo / 11:00 min / 16:9 / 2008

Limited Edition of 5 + 5 AP

Available Edition 3 of 5 — Price Upon Request

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