A&T HSD CANDY (Chat I) by Sky M.J.Carranza

A&T HSD CANDY (Chat I) by Sky M.J.Carranza

For the performative encounter A&T HSD CANDY (Chat I) initiated by Sky M. J. Carranza, ten avatars meet in a 3D Chatroom on the platform IMVU. A&T HSD CANDY (Chat I) is a conceptual further development of the work Parasitic Passivation (2018), which confronted the tendency of disinterestedness, frustration and overwhelming powerlessness in the global political context of post-truth. The result is a transitioning from an avatar monologue into a conversation between multilingual, international positions coming from critical theory, poetic performance and daily activism. Points of departure are spirituality and responsibility of the extended body in form of the avatar, possible transformations of negative emotions into constructive political thinking and necessary spatial and temporal conditions for affective connection.

Performed by Sky M. J. Carranza, Luca Fontanetta, Steph Holl-Trieu, Amelie Jakubek, Maria Potthoff, Romo Schomerus, Helen Stefanie, Stella Ticera, Myrto Vratsonou, Renata Zas

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HD Video / 52:11 min / 2019

Available Edition — Price Upon Request

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