(art)work by Karolina Raczynsk

(art)work by Karolina Raczynsk

‘(art)work’ is a collection of audiovisual material collected whilst working as an art guard at a major contemporary art event in Berlin 2016. A mobile phone was used to capture daily scenes of the workplace in various venues. I later interviewed colleagues about their experiences and reflections of the job, as well as their individual situations as creative practitioners / thinkers.

I used this time to explore the meaning of this type of work and the relationship workers have with their surroundings. Conversations with my colleagues voice various perspectives and anecdotes of people who spend regular and long intervals in a workplace where they are normally regarded as peripheral figures in the context of institutions and museums. These people take centre stage in the piece. The title ‘artwork’ and the act of creating the piece (using the accessibility of the mobile phone), also explores the conditions in which creative practitioners / thinkers maintain a ‘productive state’ within various jobs and responsibilities.

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HD Video / 17:05 min / 2016

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