#000035189 by Lydia Nsiah

#000035189 by Lydia Nsiah

“#000035189” assembles present Super-8 recordings of a circuit board producing factory nearby Vienna and digitised Found Footage of historical advertising and industrial films. Analogue film material is transferred into digital video (and vice versa) to thematise the quality rating of images and tones beyond media specifications. In the imaginative archival material – “#000035189” – media-preservation fluctuates between today’s computerised Hi-tech production, the dynamics of the ‘found’ protagonists’ glances and bodies, as well as the vanishing amateur film aesthetics of the first, common moving picture ‘archive’ Super-8. (LN)

“#000035189”, HD (Super-8) 4:3, 07:00, Color and B&W, Stereo, Sound: Horace, Lydia Nsiah, 2013

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HD Video / Color / Stereo / 07:00 min / 4:3 / 2013

Limited Edition of 3 + 2 AP

Available Edition 1 of 3 — Price Upon Request

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