Ankita Anand

Ankita Anand

Our relationship to technology can be one of boredom, isolation and humour. My moving image work explores these concepts by using green screen as a medium.

Originally from India, Ankita Anand is a moving-image artist whose work evokes our uncanny relationship to the screen and technology. Her work has been greatly influenced by Freud’s uncanny and also by Martin Heidegger’s Philosophy of Technology. Using documentary film and green screen as a medium she questions the difference in digital materiality and physical materiality and the ability of human perception to distinguish between the two.

Ankita Anand further extends her videos as installation pieces which immerse the viewer in an experience which is at the intersection of technology and art.


HD Video / 03:55 min / 2017

This moving image project is a result of my interest in the uncanny of new technology and augmented realities. It explores the concept of Freud’s unheilmeich (unhomely) which deals with the notion of 'the double', the strangely familiar and the familiarly strange. Set in an outdoor location with brightly painted doors resembling a computer’s ‘windows’ or tabs, this video reflects our eerie relationship with technology which is one of boredom, humour and isolation.


HD Video / 04:48 min / 2018

Second part to '00II', this film explores concepts of performance, isolation and its relationship to technology.


HD Video / 05:10 min / 2018

This project explores colours and landscapes filmed across three different landscapes - the Himalayas, the temples of central India and botanical gardens in Amsterdam.

Deptford Market

HD Video / 02:19 min / 2018

This project documented Deptford Market over a week. The contrast in the bustling market and the stillness of objects is brought to light by the merging of photography and moving image as mediums.