André Santos Martins

André Santos Martins

Lacking trust on perception, André explores the concept of portrait in relation to image technological developments, socio-cultural tendencies of behavior and the passage of time.

André Santos Martins (1994, Leiria, Portugal) is an artist and filmmaker based in Berlin. Having graduated in Multimedia Art at the Faculty of Fine-Arts from the University of Lisbon, he is currently studying ‘Art and Media’ at the University of Arts Berlin. Interested in the tradition of film and in the novelty of new media art, his work has so far taken various forms such as behavior and social (network) experiments, technology testing, archive art and digital archaeology. In 2017 he was one of the finalists for Sonae Media Art Award and in 2021 he premiered his first film at various film festivals, such as Oberhausen International Short Film Festival and DocLisboa International Film Festival.


HD Video / 30:49 min / 2021

01:45 min excerpt

Four weeks since quarantine started and André begins to digitally recreate the street where he lives in Berlin. Wondering on the possibility of a cyber society, he goes on revisiting the online virtual world of Second Life, searching for the promise he was once told as a kid.