Aliceson Green

Aliceson Green

Playing a bit silly sometimes, then switching to contemplate the serious through time & process is my thing. Repetition features again & again & again, through series, layers, multiple exposures and text, you've got to emphasise the point these days.

I was a married suburban mum, til I got divorced and started my art education at Croydon Foundation, then somehow onto Goldsmiths BA Fine Art as a single mother of three. Now I'm back on the MFA, part time, the kids are no longer kids and I live in Dorset.

My multidisciplinary practice is amalgamating into installation based work with layered meaning, usually centered around the domestic or the small noticed moments of my lived experience.

I switch it on or press the shutter often, then form work that threads through my body, your body; mediating our relationships by abstracting documentary, the distance in between allows the viewer to drift and reflect.

My Body

HD Video / 05:30 min / 2021

The artists menopausal body stands as a spokesperson for the bodies of Older Women, a body that is often neglected and unseen in social media and advertising. The lipsticked tummy talks of birth, sex and the practical logistics of being a woman, one that was young and fertile but now bears the landscape of time. Hands puppet the tummy via a hole in a Bodycon dress, a garment made to smooth you out and hold you in; mimicking AI talking heads in a clunky DIY fashion, which is revealed at the beginning and end of the film. The slowed vocals add a blurring of the sex of the singer, confusing whether the narrative is from a female or male perspective.

This layered work asks the viewer to confront their preconceptions and attitude towards the female body, whilst also finding humour in the absurdity of the tummy face.