Adonia Bouchehri

Adonia Bouchehri

Adonia Bouchehri explores the relationship we form with the spaces we physically inhabit, those we create in our imagination and the intermingling and blurring between the two.

In her work Adonia Bouchehri investigates how the images we live and grow up with affect our bodies. She perceives images as agents, which can inhabit the body and structure our feelings and perceptions. Utilising a combination of CGI, live action footage, sculpture and writing, Adonia creates spaces that bring together elements from lived experiences as well as those that spring from an imaginary place. She is particularly interested in thinking about the moving image as an in-between space, a fragmentary realm that can traverse places and create and open up new ways of inhabiting spaces.

Adonia has exhibited and screened her work in the UK and internationally, recently selected exhibitions and screenings include the 64th London Film Festival, VAS/SSA Scottish Royal Academy Edinburgh, New Arts Exchange Nottingham, Onion City Experimental Film and Video Festival, Currents New Media and MUTEK Montreal. She was selected for the 2020/2021 Flamin Fellowship.


HD Video / 11:49 min / 2020

01:40 min excerpt

Jello explores themes of isolation and obsession, showing how boundaries between everyday lived experiences, imaginative states and dreams can blend if we are cut off from human interactions and left to create a world far removed from society.


HD Video / 12:23 min / 2018

01:37 min excerpt